Professional ethics

GLORY Real Estate Company was founded in 2018 by a team of seasoned professionals boasting over a decade of collective experience in the real estate industry. Our establishment is driven by a steadfast commitment to long-term growth, aiming to ascend to the forefront as the premier real estate company in Cambodia.

Specializing in comprehensive real estate consulting services, our portfolio includes expertise in property transactions encompassing buying, selling, renting, project sales, and strategic marketing initiatives. Our team brings to the forefront an extensive knowledge base and a wealth of experience within the Cambodian real estate sector, spanning diverse categories such as land, residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Over the years, we have successfully navigated and executed numerous real estate operations across the country, contributing to the establishment of a robust and thriving presence in the market.


In delivering superlative real estate services, we firmly adhere to the belief that the cornerstone of our success lies in cultivating enduring trust relationships. Our paramount objective is to ensure that you experience exceptional outcomes from the inception of our collaboration. To establish and fortify trust with investors and real estate stakeholders, our team adheres unwaveringly to a set of guiding principles underscored by a profound commitment to professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

Critical to the enduring trust we aim to foster is our dedication to extending beyond the transactional phases of buying and selling. Beyond these pivotal moments, our commitment persists in the form of ongoing support, coordination, and advisory services. We recognize that the journey extends beyond mere transactions, and we stand ready to provide comprehensive assistance for as long as your trust in our company endures.


Our regulations and policies align rigorously with international business ethics standards, exemplifying our dedication to delivering professional real estate services at the highest level. The leadership and personnel of GLORY Real Estate are resolutely committed to furnishing our clientele with unparalleled services marked by absolute honesty, transparency, independence, and efficiency.

Central to our ethical business practices is the unwavering commitment to upholding the highest legal and moral standards in all interactions with stakeholder groups, including investors, real estate owners, and, most significantly, our employees. Our ethical standards are designed to ensure commendable conduct in all dealings with these entities. Compliance with laws and regulations is integral to our ethical behavior, reinforcing our steadfast commitment to principled and lawful business operations.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the fastest-growing and most trusted local real estate company, distinguished by our profound knowledge and extensive experience. We are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in propelling the diverse real estate community and fostering economic growth and development throughout Cambodia.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to deliver real estate services of the utmost ethical standards and professional excellence to investors and property owners, facilitating the realization of the highest potential and profitability in their real estate investments within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

OUR Team

Comprising a cadre of real estate professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the Cambodian real estate market, our team is poised to deliver swift, efficient, and premier services. Our commitment is centered on meeting the diverse needs of buyers, investors, and real estate owners. We ensure the provision of services marked by trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, and fairness.

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